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Pint claret's

In green hard to find and clear near impossible the green claret around 5 to 10 known the clear below 5 known examples


26 oz claret

Not as hard to find as the pint claret's but still quite rare and highly desirable, around 10-15 known


Brandy's come in 26 oz and pint size both have Southwark on the embossing and around 15+ know examples of both

pint beer bottles

Green and amber, green is considered common although is not easy to find the amber is extremely rare and not many examples rest within collections



Several variants exist; green-wine, clear & aqua whiskey or gin if bottle made for a glass & cork stopper, coy, socy and society wording varients on embossing. Society varient the hardest to find


Southwark gins

Clear and aqua some are found with mis spelt Abel, both are not easy to find the Abel would have less than 5 known examples


Southwark wine & whiskey

Amber wines, hardest colour to find hand finished and machine finished top, green for wine often weakly embossed. Clear and aqua for whiskey, machine finish and applied top in clear. Continue down the page for some other varients to the southwark.


crown seal beers

Clear and Amethyst-hard to find, amber is the most common followed by green and lastly aqua. Long neck varients and machine finish in clear/aqua/amethyst colours. Look for hand finished tops on all bar the greens. reverse N on some see further down this page



ring  seal beers

Three main colours light green, kahki amber and dark green. Light green hard to find with only a few recorded specimens.


mis spelt wording

ABEL bottle co on some green and aqua southwarks instead of ADEL. Both considered hard to find, I have never seen a green version of this bottle although they exist

Society varients

There are a couple of different varients of the wording on the lower right quater of the badge and around the base, society/society ,company/society and company/company



Here is a look at some of my pickaxe bottles. I have around 40 odd different types and styles that I hope to show here eventually. Pickaxe bottles have some interesting variants as you will find. With reverse and mispelt lettering and styles and shapes you may not have know about.

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